8 stages of dating

It’s a low point and no amount of motivational quotes on Pinterest will ease the bitter bit of OMG you’re so single.

Thank goodness there is a Harry Potter marathon this weekend.6.

Argh – you panic and go for the hand shake but somehow end up bumping noses as he goes in for the kiss. You call your bestie who’s been on call in the taxi home to fill them in inbetween mouthfuls of kebab.

When you’ve met that special someone that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, even if you’re only at that staring-starry-eyed-at-each-other-across-a-crowded-room stage, then you’d better prepare yourself for the exciting, but exacerbating, minefield that is the dating game.

I recently delved into the topic of ‘ghosting’, which is when someone who you’ve had an intimate relationship with disappears.

But of course disappearing isn’t limited to ‘full-on’ relationships: ghosting is something that many people have experienced with dating plus it happens with friendships and even with family—my father ‘ghosted’ me after I got married and it took a couple of months for it to register and when it did, it floored me.…, today’s post focuses on dating.

You’ll show him everything he’ll be missing if he walks out the door; he’ll have second thoughts for sure.3. He never went with you to see the Nicholas Sparks movies that you begged him to see.

Provided her SO isn’t getting all her attention, and the target doesn’t think your friend is way hotter.

Nothing good ever comes out of, “We need to talk.” If you’ve heard this phrase you know as well as I do, that you’re probably on the fast track to a breakup. You rattle off his laundry list of offenses, to him and anyone else that will listen. Social Butterfly – Winery trip with your sister, absolutely. The truth is, he’s still gone and that freaking sucks.5. Your first night or weekend alone without a jam packed social calendar; this moment kicks you in the teeth.

We’ve all heard it and it’s very possible we will all hear it again. You wouldn’t dream of missing the food truck rally, hello gyros. You’re single, you’re alone, and the only thing buzzing your cell is a reminder to mail your grandmother’s birthday card.

The former of these are the open stages of dating, stages which follow a sequential and chronological order, which really is the name of the game with dating, and culminates with a productive outcome.

Closed stages, however, occur when a stage is arrived at too quickly or lingered upon too long or have some other influence exerted upon them that leads to a swift exit from all things romance related.