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Features the music of Eddie Blazoncyck and the Versatones, the Dick Pillar Orchestra, Renata and Girls, Girls, Girls, and the Mrozinski Brothers.

You see the drama, egos and conflicts between label and artists that drive the multi-billion-dollar hip hop and urban music business.

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It is easily and quickly accessible by public transport and within walking distance to downtown Dresden with all its popular sights such as the rebuilt Frauenkirche.

A cinematic synthesis of four Newport folk Festivals that depicts the crucial years of transition for the art of folk music 1963-1966.

Profiles the individual and often interconnected stories of the seven musicians, while also illustrating the state of music and the arts in local communities across Northern California.

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It’s continued to uphold it’s popularity with a dedicated group of know-it-all fans who can reference quotes and refer back to specific scenes at the drop of a hat, so we’ve decided to try and dig up some things that the average fan might not know.