Carbon dating doubts

In addition to thermometer records going back to the 1880s, there is a large amount of natural evidence in the form of glaciers retreating and sea ice melting to record lows, sea levels rising by 20cm, islands disappearing, animals and plants shifting their ranges and spring coming several weeks earlier.

Ironically, the famously impassable Northwest Passage – which claimed the lives of numerous explorers trying to find a new trade route to China – is now so free of ice that people can take a cruise through it on a ship powered by the fossil fuels that help cause global warming.

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“Joan Beaufort had 16 children, which made her the ancestor of much of the nobility of the Wars of the Roses – quite a few of whom died violently in those conflicts.

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Svalbard in the Arctic has seen average winter temperatures rise by up to a staggering 11C compared to the average between 19.Hicks (pictured below) said he is not convinced that the remains are those of the king.Instead, he argues, they could belong to a victim of any of the battles fought during the Wars of the Roses, of which the 1485 battle of Bosworth – at which Richard was killed – was the last significant example., Michael Hicks, head of history at the University of Winchester, and Martin Biddle, archaeologist and director of the Winchester Research Unit, raised concerns about the DNA testing, radiocarbon dating and damage to the skeleton.Biddle also notes that the team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester is yet to make excavation field records publicly available.