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The Polar Bear () preferred habitat is the sea ice and the best and safest way to observe and photograph them is from a ship, preferably ice-strengthened and with a rated ice class.

So if you are on a Spitsbergen cruise but on the wrong ship, the crew will be limited in navigating dense sea ice in search of bears, yet, the ice is where you need to go if one of your main spotting targets is Polar Bears.

By the way, Svalbard is the Norwegian name for this group of islands about 800 km north of Norway’s coast, bounded by the Arctic Ocean and Barents Sea.

My purpose for this web site is to give you information on your possibly (next) experience in the sea ice of Spitsbergen.

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Peaks of increased contributions in C land plants in the mid- to late Holocene were not synchronous and have no correspondence with Amazonian Holocene dry episodes, being due to sedimentary processes related to fluvial dynamics during the establishment of herbaceous fields on abandoned depositional sites.

Thus, the climate remained wet in the Holocene, which would have favored the expansion of the Amazonian rainforest as we see today.

This web site was created because of the frustration expressed to me from fellow Arctic travellers, who on their voyage around Spitsbergen (Svalbard) said they saw only a few Polar Bears and they were far distant.I have led expedition cruises around Spitsbergen for the last 28 years (see my biography).I report that we generally have fantastic Polar Bear observations on almost every cruise.First came the discovery that atmospheric radiocarbon ...First came the discovery that atmospheric radiocarbon levels can vary significantly from one year to the next, implying that it might be possible to match distinct sequences of data in samples with those in known-age material.