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The creeds further maintain that Jesus physically ascended into heaven, where he reigns with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, and that he will return to judge the living and the dead and grant eternal life to his followers.

His incarnation, earthly ministry, crucifixion and resurrection are often referred to as "the gospel", meaning "good news".

Scotland subsequently entered into a political union with the Kingdom of England on to create the new Kingdom of Great Britain.

The union also created a new Parliament of Great Britain, which succeeded both the Parliament of Scotland and the Parliament of England.

Originating in Judea, it quickly spread to Europe, Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Transcaucasia, Egypt, Ethiopia and India, and by the end of the 4th century had become the official state church of the Roman Empire.

Throughout its history, Christianity has weathered schisms and theological disputes that have resulted in many distinct churches and denominations.

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By inheritance in 1603, James VI, King of Scots, became King of England and King of Ireland, thus forming a personal union of the three kingdoms.Events for Christians invites other organisations and individuals to list social events for single Christians on their website.We do not run these events, nor can we take any responsibility or deal with any queries.We offer you the possibility to date hetero, gay or lesbian partners, but the individual groups don't interfere with each other even though they are part of the same website.And don't forget, you can try it for free whenever you want!