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Data analysis was based on structured analysis of content.

The MSM interviewed had extensive experience of drug use, in particular amyl nitrate, amphetamines, methamphetamine, ketamine, cocaine and cannabis.

We conducted 14 structured, in-depth interviews with substance-using MSM in three German cities.

An interview guidance document was used that was developed on the basis of the syndemic approach.

Drug use among men who have sex with men is often accompanied by risky sexual behaviours.

Local AIDS help centres and gay advice centres are recording an increase in drug use among MSM clients in Germany.

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The drugs were used both at parties and in connection with sexual experiences (chemsex).

Digital German language courses can be taken fully online, in a blending learning environment or as supplemental curriculum.

German is spoken by over 100 million people worldwide.

It was the language of the first printed book as well as the language of such famous people as Mozart, Beethoven, Freud and Einstein.