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The larger dog launched a frenzied attack, using his mouth to grab Nobby by the neck.

Ms Daniels said: “It was horrific, I am still in a daze.

Vet Steven Hopkinson, of the South Taranaki Animal Health Services, said the injuries were the worst he had seen.

He inherited George as a young dog after his former neighbours moved away.

Dora Arnone, 49, had just left her house to walk her dog Guilhermino about when the attack happened in an alleyway near Westbridge Road, Battersea, about 11am on New year’s Day.

After attacking her they “ran away” with her dog to a nearby address.

She said the canine’s scream did not slow the car’s owner as he sped off leaving the 18-year-old to scoop his pup up. Mrs Strzelczak said: “This is a shot in the dark but it is my last hope to find the witnesses, who were standing at the bus stop waiting to board the 111 bus to Hounslow, on Swan Road.

“We need people who can identify this man – next time it could be a small child he hits.” “My son was to hysterical at the time to look at him properly because his dog was lying nearly dead in the road and he is constantly blaming himself which is so awful,” added Mrs Strzelczak.