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Her third album, was an insane thing that happened as a response to parts of the picture that weren't necessarily mine," says the singer.

"Sometimes I felt like a tiny little person waving what became an increasingly bigger flag, but it was at least a flag that had something on it that was close to me.

Elsewhere, toy guns and giant teddy bears appear while Armisen plays a corny sitcom dad.

But the true highlight is a fake movie poster for about the album's Nashville inspiration, detailing the difficult process of tracking "She's Not Me." "I just went into [co-producer Ryan Adams' Pax-Am Studio] to record one tune, ' She's Not Me,' which was a song I'd been working on in this Keith Richards-ish open tuning.

It’s so simple.” Meath and Sanborn have become accustomed to travelling light, both physically and musically speaking, in recent times.

Although their names may be familiar to fans of indie-folk a capella trio Mountain Man (Meath) and psych-folk-rock band Megafaun (Sanborn), their newest collaborative venture Sylvan Esso streamlines their sound into something that is a departure for both, and a new twist on minimalist synth-pop.

In the past two weeks, she's been to Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London, and she's not even on tour yet.

"He doesn't have a name," she says of the little knitted tiger, which she's had at the bottom of her purse, along with a harmonica she got from her grandfather, for five years.

Nach einer dunklen Zeit in ihrem Leben kehrt sie jetzt ins Rampenlicht zurück.The seeds for the duo (their name is taken from the Swords and Sorcery video game) were initially sown four years ago, when the pair crossed paths at a gig at The Cactus Club in Milwaukee.Meath was on the bill with Mountain Man; they were supported by Sanborn under his glitchy electronica solo guise Made of Oak and both musicians were immediately drawn to each other by their “terrible dance moves”, as Meath puts it.I couldn't finish it, so I decided to go over there and cut it with him," she said."We put together a band, including Griffin [Goldsmith, of Dawes] on drums and Ryan on guitar.