Michael cera dating ellen page

I can't remember a film that I was so drawn in by the main character.I've always told friends for me the mark of a good movie is the character actors and their performances. I'm not going to go overboard and say its the best movie this year but it is one that I would recommend.She's ugly...sorry it's true, and he is so cute I have a little crush on him.

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Learning about the subject matter, I was quite anxious how it would be shown and frankly I thought it was done very well.

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Well, if that's true, the effort doesn't show, and that's precisely why Paulie's so cool, in his gentle, quietly geeky way.

You can't be truly cool if you look like you're trying. He's been thrown out of every private school in the region for trying to make friends -- usually by coming up with some black market entrepreneurial scheme, like selling fake IDs. "I'm 17," complains the poor little rich kid, "and popularity is pretty darned important to me."Things do not start off well on his first day in public school when Charlie (Anton Yelchin) wears a blazer and tie and carries an attache case.