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Not the one on the address page in the Student Profile.) 首先兩個版本所採用的電腦程式及編輯方法並不相同。獨立版的功能大致與校管系統的「時間表編排」相同,它只提供英文操作版面,至於網上校管系統的「時間表編排」,則是一個全新設計的程式,俱備中英文版本。兩個編修時間表的程式均需要在網上校管系統的「資料管理」中提取資料,製成數據集,才可進行編修。而網上校管系統的數據收集功能,亦可以輸入一個文字檔檔案,製成數據集。學校可按本身的校務情況,靈活善用。至於使用獨立版或網上版編修的時間表均可以在教職員調配模組中使用。Data conversion is based on the HKSCS. NONATTTYPE='LE' then hl.en_des else '' end) 'Reason', (case when c.

(On the first page of Student Profile, there is a field called "District Council" which is in Red color.

You can use a PRIMARY KEY or a UNIQUE Index on a table with the appropriate fields to stop duplicate records.

Let us take an example – The following table contains no such index or primary key, so it would allow duplicate records for first_name and last_name.

When you do this, it is also necessary to declare the indexed columns to be NOT NULL, because a PRIMARY KEY does not allow NULL values − The presence of a unique index in a table normally causes an error to occur if you insert a record into the table that duplicates an existing record in the column or columns that define the index. SCHYEAR = (SELECT MIN(SCHYEAR) FROM TB_STU_STUSCHREC U WHERE T. CHNAME 'MOTHER CHNAME' FROM TB_STU_STUSCHREC R JOIN TB_STU_STUDENT S ON S. You also get 1GB of free cloud storage space where you’re able to keep important documents and presentation files for participants to download later.One thing that’s missing from the Free plan is the ability to record your meetings.