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Horse work was just the opening chapter to this adventure. The answer: “No.” The two friends spent the summer attending clinics, watching DVDs and practicing with the horses.

It is approximately 15 mi (24 km) wide along most of its length, bounded on the west by the San Jacinto Mountains and the Santa Rosa Mountains and on the north and east by the Little San Bernardino Mountains.Our proximity to these borders informs the identity of Las Cruces, at 150 years old a relatively recent settlement along the Camino Real.Mexican traditions and Spanish saints infuse our culture, and the city’s cowboy and farming roots are alive and well. The big sister of the trio had a horse as a youngster, but after a serious fall she spelled “afraid” with a capital “A.” What does an owner do with three such different riders? Six months ago three friends started on the ground. The middle friend had been wild-riding all her life. Add aspects of dance, tai chi, centered riding and lots of imagery.