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It didn't strike me as odd that I was fooling around with a girl even though I was straight because I knew plenty of kids who were "bi at parties" when they'd get drunk.Unfortunately, she broke my heart soon after by going out with some guy immediately after we fooled around. I'm going to back to boys."So I did, and even made a point of telling my mom, "Don't worry.The 'Who I'd like to meet' section though was the perfect way to drop some sexual tension filled clues as to who you were crushing on that week."A special someone," "The person who never notices me," and "You know who you are Related: How to take the perfect selfie Selfies might have exploded in popularity in recent years, but they certainly weren't invented with the rise of Facebook and Snapchat.Something about Fred and Aaron’s gritted nod in response left me wondering how these teens really felt about My Space and Facebook—sites that were all the rage with their peer group at the time.Later, almost immediately after I sat with the boys alone to talk with them in-depth, they offered a different story.

From your heroes to your favourite books and your sexual orientation to future family plans, it was the first proper way to digitally express yourself.

I asked about their participation on social network sites, and they explained that they didn’t use those sites but loved sites like Runescape, a fantasy game with customizable avatars.

Their mothers nodded, acknowledging their familiarity with Runescape before interrupting their children’s narrative to express how unsafe social network sites were.

After that happened I felt like, "Yeah, you know what? I'm totally gonna get married and give you grandchildren in the future," because that was important to her and it was important to me as well.

I dated a few other boys in high school and then after I graduated that summer, I would date other guys I knew from the neighborhood or would make out with boys at keggers, and I'd move on.