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In 2009, when Susan Clements-Jeffrey purchased a used laptop from a student at the high school where she substitute taught, chances are she didn’t expect that the transaction would conclude with local police in her living room, laughing at her and calling her "stupid" while showing her explicit pictures of herself taken from her computer.

Around a quarter of those said they did not feel safe, particularly when meeting customers in person. An anonymous 19-year-old student who worked as a stripper recently told the website that she “couldn’t survive” without the money she earns, but said that her biggest worry is that her university will find out.She added that the "clichéd" view that women become sex workers to pay for drug habits is wrong, and that "far more" women do it in order to support their families or fund their studies.There's an uproar in a suburban Philadelphia school district over privacy and security.School officials are being accused of using webcams to find out what students are doing at home.CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports all 2,300 high school students in the Lower Merion School District have school-issued Apple laptops equipped with webcams that can be activated remotely.